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Pakchai D. Wicaksono(栢齊)is a global villager and an independent researcher in international affairs. He possesses a master degree in global political economy (GPE), two bachelor degrees in history and in politics and international relations, as well as certificates in international security, terrorism and contemporary Middle East studies. He had served as a lecturer for a postgraduate programme on international relations and a tutor for political science and public administration bachelor courses, and is now studying for his doctorate in ROC history. His affiliations include two Hong Kong-based associations for China study (as executive director) and GPE (as research director) respectively, a collective commentary blog on global issues (as executive editor and co-writer), as well as two Taipei-based organizations on the study of international relations and a London-based international institute for strategic studies (all as a fellow member). His research interests cover a variety of areas including international relations, public international law, international institutions, political geography, areas of special sovereignty, separatist movements, de facto independent political entities, cross-strait relations, Taiwan politics, micronations, politics of polar regions, and regional diplomacy of East Asia.

栢齊(Pakchai D. Wicaksono)是一位地球村民和一名國際事務獨立研究員,擁有全球政治經濟學碩士、歷史學和政治及國際關係雙學士學位,並曾修讀有關國際安全、恐怖主義和當代中東研究的證書課程。他曾為一個國際關係研究生課程擔任講師,以及為政治科學和公共行政學士課程擔任導師,現正修讀民國史博士學位。他是兩個位於香港各自有關中國研究和全球政治經濟學的學會成員(分別擔任執行理事和研究總監),同時是一個全球議題評論網誌的執行編輯和聯席撰稿人,以及兩個位於臺北的國際關係研究組織和一個位於倫敦的國際戰略研究組織的成員。他的研究範疇包括國際關係、國際公法、國際組織、政治地理學、特殊主權地區、分離主義運動、事實獨立的政治實體、兩岸關係、臺灣政治、微國家、極地政治、東亞區域外交等。

Pakchai’s writings can be found in this personal blog Inner Senses ( as well as the following websites –


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